Welcome To The Virtual Mall

Where Shoppers Luv to shop - in a Mall - The Virtual Mall

It is new!

It is unique! 

The first in the world!

           Rent shopping space                            for as little as                    R99.00 pm.

Increase the footprint of your company.

Compete  nationally and internationally. Stay ahead of the rest.

With us your identity will always be protected and promoted.

Minimum overheads. No rates and taxes, no personnel and salary expenses.


One-stop-shop for various products and services.

Special on monthly Shop Rent available until December 2020


Competitive pricing

Products can be delivered or collected.

Huge Discounts – up to 60%

Open 24/7

Business Owners – Sell online with The Virtual Mall and remain Independent, Noticed and Visible.

The Virtual Mall combines the product offering of a variety of retailers and service providers on one common online platform.

Benefits to retailers and service providers and shoppers:

  • We protect your Image, Brand, and Business.
  • By buying from various shops on the Mall, shoppers have the benefit of making just one single payment which is an added cost saving for shoppers.
  • Minimum overheads. No rates and taxes, nor personnel and salary expenses. No theft. Ease of stock taking. Exposure nationally and internationally. The extended exposure will increase annual turn-over.  Ease of on-line transacting for you and your customer. 24/7 availability of your product to the public. Courier services available for deliveries.

Unique Opportunity – Shop space to rent in The Virtual Mall 

Special until the end of  December 2020!!

Online Shop and Shop Front R 99.00pm. Normal price R299.00pm.


 Rent Shop Space Here: https://thevirtualmall.co.za/vendor/thevirtualmall/

  • Maximum exposure to your business. Provides for your own online shop. Your company logo, company information, product range, and a video of your existing shop and products if a video is available.  Videos can be produced by us at affordable prices!
  • Success Fee 5% on VAT inclusive product selling price excluding shipping on successful transactions through the Mall. We will market and promote your products or services, to our extensive client base.
  • A one-time fee of R500.00 to integrate your online store on the Mall, including the artwork on your store front, is incurred.Your business will form part of our marketing drive. Marketing will be done to our extensive database, through The Virtual Mall, mobile application, advertisements on mobile phones, newsletter, social media and through our loyalty program.

  • On-line shopping has become one of the most popular developments and trends around the world and is fast changing the shopping habits of customers. Utilization of virtual space has too many advantages to ignore and therefore our decision to establish and offer The Virtual Mall to you.                                        
  • The main purpose of The Virtual Mall is to assist businesses by introducing their products and services to a much wider audience on a personal level, and by doing so create an additional revenue stream. 

For more information or to confirm your participation:

Please contact André Groenewaldt at: andre@thevirtualmall.co.za